The mission of Agri Gauteng is to promote through its involvement and input on provincial and national level policy on behalf of its members the development,  profitability, stability and sustainability of commercial agriculture in South Africa.


What's in it for me?

When you become a member, you get the following benefits: 

  • Exposure to Agri Gauteng training and development programmes 
  • Discounted rates on selected products / services. 
  • Voting rights granted at the annual Agri Gauteng Congress. 
  • Financial aid and business proposal/plan channel information. 
  • Receiving regular updates, newsletters end events information relating to the  agricultural sphere. 
  • Exposure to different farming methods and farming opportunities.
How do I become a member?

Standard membership

  1. Large Farming Enterprise (Turnover above R3 600 000 up to R10 000 000)  Membership fee: R10 000
  2. Medium Farming Enterprise (Turnover R1 000 000 up to R3 600 000) Membership fee: R5 000
  3. Small Farming Enterprise (Turnover less than R1 000 000) Membership fee: R2 500
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Special Category Membership 

  1. Retired farmer (older than 75, not actively farming) - R1 200
  2. Son/Daughter/ Farm Manager/ Foreman not sharing in the gross turnover of the farm - not profit sharing - R1 200
  3. Secretary - R1 200
  4. Spouse R1 200
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Corporate Farm membership

If you have more than one farm entity or if your turnover is more than R10 000 000 you are a Corporate Farm Member. We would like to speak to you in person to explain the huge benefits you can receive from Agri Gauteng (Organized Agriculture). 

My enterprise has a turnover of more than R10 000 000. Please contact me to discuss the benefits of becoming a Corporate Farm Member